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Trinidad Noir

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Named one of the Best Books of 2008 by the Caribbean Review of Books

Trinidad Noir
edited by Lisa Allen-Agostini & Jeanne Mason

Mystery/Fiction Anthology | A Trade Paperback Original
ISBN-13: 978-1-933354-55-2 l 300 pages | $15.95

Published by Akashic Books as part of their award-winning Akashic Noir series, Trinidad Noir brings together the best writers in Trinidad & Tobago and an exciting genre.

Trinidad Noir features new stories by: Robert Antoni, Elizabeth Nunez, Lawrence Scott, Ramabai Espinet, Shani Mootoo, Kevin Baldeosingh, Vahni Capildeo, Willi Chen, Lisa Allen-Agostini, Rian Marie Extavour, Keith Jardim, Jaime Lee Loy, Darby Maloney, Reena Andrea Manickchand, Judith Theodore, Tiphanie Yanique, and others.

Akashic Noir was launched with the best-seller Brooklyn Noir. Each of the titles in the series features original noir stories, each one set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the city of the book.

Trinidad Noir is the first book in the series to be set in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Trinidad Noir delivers all the crime a reader expects from Akashic’s Noir Series: murder, kidnapping, rape, drugs, prostitution, theft, extortion, and more. Yet in fictionalizing crime in the real crime setting of Trinidad, acclaimed authors Lawrence Scott, Robert Antoni, Elizabeth Nunez, Ramabai Espinet, Keith Jardim, Tiphanie Yanique, Willi Chen, and others have created a decidedly literary noir collection,” says the Akashic Web site. “These authors’ quality characterizations, plots, and styles concurrently reveal the country’s darkness and its appeal with an unexpected and gratifying result: In their captivating and occasionally humorous stories, the Trinidad that emerges is as intriguing and contradictory as the island and its people. Trinidad Noir is as much a delightful crime romp as it is an expose of the seedy side of life.”

Co-editor Jeanne Mason is a freelance editor who also writes short stories and poetry. She has lived in Paris, France, where she edited medical articles for US and UK journals. She currently resides in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Chalice Project

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New from Macmillan Caribbean!

The Chalice Project
By Lisa Allen-Agostini

ISBN: 9781405098991
Price: £4.44
Extent: 192pp
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 03/10/2008
Format: 196 x 129mm

chalice-book-coverTwins Ada and Evan Bridgelal live in Trincity, Trinidad, with their father Steven, a scientist. They have never met their mother and are dying to know more about yer but Steven won’t come clean about their history.

Though they don’t know it, they have a special secret, one only their father can explain. When they enter secondary school and join rugby teams, strange things start happening to them and the mystery thickens.

The Chalice Project is a science fiction, action-adventure story for 10-15-year old readers. They’ll love the characters, the story and the setting. The book is written in bold, bright, descriptive language that engages the imagination and brings the tale to life. It is part of the Island Fiction series by Macmillan Caribbean.