Writer, Editor, Stand-Up Comedian

Photo: Wayne Lee-Sing/ FemComTT

In 2018 I did an observer/participant piece on the emerging stand-up comedy scene in Trinidad for the T&T Newsday. The piece introduced me to a community of mostly young black men, with one woman. I did a piece that didn’t quite bomb. I didn’t die on stage.

Fast-forward to July of that year, when I did the Mentoring by the Masters course under actor/director Wendell Manwarren. There, I reignited my friendship with Louris Martin Lee-Sing, a very funny woman, and chained her up to be my comedy partner. We worked out some routines and debuted our stand-up comedy in October at the Kaiso Blues Cafe in a show hosted by the only other woman on the circuit, Simmy the Trini.

Since then I’ve been performing with Louris as Just Lisa to her Lyrix. We perform feminist comedy, which might seen ironic but it’s not. We’re funny women, period.

You can see our work here.