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You Deserve Good Things

At my Fifth Form graduation dinner, 1990

This essay, You Deserve Good Things, was published on the Story Time Teen website in June. I hope those who read it see there is hope for healing and moving on.

“Dear Little Lisa,

Look at you, so fly! That hair. That makeup. That outfit. Tonight, at your graduation, you’re beautiful and elegant. It feels like a costume you’ve put on, a self-confidence costume to make people believe you’re the person they think you are. But you don’t think you’re that person. You think you’re a fake.

“Right now, nobody knows what you are going through. They see your rage at home; they hear the doors slamming. They see that you don’t care about yourself: you drink, you smoke, you stay out all night with men. They see that you appear not to care about your family because you roll your eyes when they talk to you about your behavior. They don’t understand that you’ve been damaged.”

Read the whole thing here: https://www.storytimeteen.com/post/you-deserve-good-things

Interview with Colin Robinson

My friend Colin Robinson is dying. He gave me an interview in May, commissioned by the T&T Newsday. It was one of the hardest things I had to write.

Read it here.

New story alert

My story “Crix and Coffee” was published in Wasafiri in February.

It’s available for purchase here.

People of Colo[u]r Destroy Science-Fiction!

I don’t know if it’s a COVID-19 thing or if it’s been up all along, but the Lightspeed Magazine special issue I contributed to is online as a free PDF.

My story’s about a post-apocalyptic Trinidad called Nuevo Morvant. The place is a US colony and is used as a giant weapons depot. The protagonist is an orphan who collects spent shells at the neighbourhood shooting range to earn money for food. When she makes a new friend, she goes to any lengths to help her friend escape to Venezuela.

Read it here.